We shape the future human habitat by designing innovation today.

We shape the future
human habitat
by designing
innovation today.

We start collaborating with you when you have just an idea and keep doing so when you are a 4B dollars unicorn.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Our services.

Extended design team

We merge with your team to provide our expertise in web, product, brand, graphic design and solve your business challenges.

Improve your product

In the fast-changing world, digital products and identities need to be constantly updated to the new user’s needs. Our team will provide informed custom solutions for your existing product.

Create a new product

There is a long path between an idea and a product and our team
will take you through all the necessary stages of discovery and design
to create an MVP.

Product design

Product discovery
Business Analysis
User & market research
Product logic mapping
UI design
UX/UI & Accessibility audits
E-commerce analytics & optimization
Rapid prototyping
Design systems
Information Architecture

Communication design

Brand exploration & archetypes
Brand Story
Brand identity
Web design
Graphic design
Motion design
Pitch decks design
Marketing assets design

We have already answered your questions.

What is the price of your services?

It’s all about time and materials! The pricing depends on the project scope and the design service (branding, website design, or comprehensive product design work). Once you share the project details and requirements with us, we come up with a tailored project plan and an estimation of the hour range required for the project completion.

How do I start a project with you?

Feel free to leave your request in our contact form and our CEO Helen would be happy to set up a call with you. Or drop us a line in chat, don’t forget your email ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Could you help with the development as well?

We don’t provide development services as we are purely a design team. But we do have trusted partners with whom we work for a long time on common projects. If they match the tech stack you need, we will be happy to connect you with them.

We already have branding, will you be able to work with the given guidelines?

Definitely! The team is well-versed in working with existing brands. We are accustomed to working with already set guidelines and design systems. We will easily adjust to the branding you have and bring fresh ideas based on already set components.

Which tools do you use?

We design and prototype in Figma. Figma constantly evolves and innovates as we do! It allows many team members to work simultaneously in the same file. What’s more, is that we can deliver our final designs in it too and developers will be able to pull the code from it. No other intermediate tools are needed.

What if I want to extend my own design team with one of your experts?

We do not outsource. The beauty of working with an agency is getting full-team support, meaning that each designer is doing work in his area of expertise. We call it flexible studio work mode, as at each part of the project life a relevant design specialist tunes in. This way, we bring you TRUE agency value.

Are my designs secure?

We take care of securing the design files and any other deliverables approved by your circle of stakeholders.

Where are we based?

The design team is based in Ukraine, Rivne city. And the sales office is in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. If you want to visit us, take a highway from Kyiv to Lviv, and we are right in the middle.