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My Favsocial marketplace

About project

Our team has designed a prototype of an app for Louis Vuitton startup - MyFav.
This application solves the problem of a visual-oriented search in online shopping.
The user can effortlessly upload any image, and get product suggestions based on it.

In two months' time, we have designed branding and a complete app prototype which was presented at a conference in Paris. 

Our design process.

Visual design

Taking into account that our primary target audience comprised of Instagram-savvy millennials, we tried to create an interface that would speak to them.
For example, we guided them through on-boarding flow with catchy and trendy fashion illustrations.

Illustrations pack.

Smart lense

The unique flow of using smart lense search powered by AI to scan the feed for specific items.

Machine learning

The app stimulates users to stay loyal. For that purpose, machine learning was used to track the user’s taste and behavior.

We used a lot of swipe navigation
throughout the customer journey.

These simplify the choosing process for the end-user, who wants
to find a quick match.

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