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Layer2Branding Success

About project

Layer2financial.com is a multi-partner platform designed to provide customers with a seamless solution for compliant payments, banking, and wallets in multiple currencies. With just one API integration, customers can access all services without worrying about the complexities of integrating with multiple banks, custodians, payment networks, and exchanges. This simplifies the process and allows customers to focus on building great products and experiences for their users.

Layer2Financial sought to establish a bold and memorable brand identity, create an engaging website, and design a unique product in a short amount of time. Our team brought our A-game and we were able to deliver on all fronts, helping Layer2Financial achieve its goals and stand out in a crowded fintech market.

Logo parts.

Transforming Logo into a Central Brand Element

The client already had a logo. As we saw the room for improvement, we tweaked both the icon and a type part. The icon was first symmetrical and consisted of line above the rectangular with a “+” shaped cut-out. Instead of “+” we suggested a more sophisticated symbol, which became an additional brand element and transcended the logo function to being a central brand element of the website.


Discovering the Perfect Style Direction for Brand

After analyzing the client’s provided brand positioning information, we identified two archetypes that resonated with the brand. For each archetype, we proposed a unique style direction – a stylescape, supported by detailed brand personas. The chosen style direction that drew parallel with widely used in space carbon material, was brave, dark with glossy and modern 3D visuals. We managed again to surprise the client with the innovative and stylish brand design that set it apart from other brands in the market.

Icons pack.

Efficient UX Strategy

Our intuitive BA and UX approach enabled us to envision and strategize intricate product screens without much initial context. As discovery stage was ruled out due to time constraints, we took the time to analyze the associated business processes for each specific task one-by-one and translated them into the design. We designed a cutting-edge dashboard, integrating all client-specified functionalities with meticulous attention in a limited time frame.

The Value of Brand Discovery

Brand discovery laid a solid foundation for all subsequent design decisions made by our product team and web designers. Clients benefit from a cohesive brand that effectively communicates its story across various communication channels and their product.

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