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Carver Cott 17old-world pub

About project

Carver Cott 17 is an old-world pub located in the center of Liverpool. This is a place for fooball and beer lovers who gather here every other week for little pep talks, tasty drinks, and football matches.

The logo had to convey the pub name which is at the same time the name of its owner who was both football and beer lover himself. He was playing football as a teenager under the number β€œ17”. Thus, there was a request to include this number in the logo too.

Our design process.


We were inspired by the old pubs of England.
Therefore, the style inspires the atmosphere of a foggy city after the autumn rain.

The part of Brand identity.

Logo origins

A sharp and strict typeface was chosen. To make the logo noticeable on the streets, capitalized letters were used. Per a request, number 17 was incorporated inside the letter β€œO”. The combination makes a good logo for a vintage English pub.

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