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Biersackbeauty brand identity

About project

Biersack is a Norvegian beauty products line. It is a 100% natural, cruelty-free and conscious brand, caring about people, animals, and the planet overall.

The company founder wanted the logo to look pure, contemporary, and distantly remind of its Norwegian origin.

Our design process.

Logo ideation

We tried to create an illusion that the logo was written with a creme. It embodies fluidity and purity with an extravagant twist. Norwegian origin is shown through round text elements on the packaging, which refers to the Viking’s Runes.

Bottle design.

Visual identity

Each part of the Biersack visual identity was well-researched and well-prepared since it contributes a lot to the first impression users get while meeting the brand. Properly built first impression helps brands build trust and further engage users. For this reason, a striking identity is an essential tool in any brand’s arsenal.

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