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About project

BeanMachine is a leading full-cycle design and development company that specializes in crafting top-notch web apps, websites, and mobile applications for startups and enterprises. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, they are renowned for delivering exceptional digital experiences that drive business success.

BeanMachine approached our design agency desiring a unique website design that would not only promote their services but also embrace a captivating cosmo theme. Since the owners of the business were cat lovers, they specifically asked to draw cat as their mascot. Thus using the cosmo cats theme our task was to create awareness of their competencies and approach with the web design.

Cat character.

Infusing Creativity With Cosmo Theme

From the outset, our challenge was to infuse creativity and feline fascination into the cosmic backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the universe and the irresistible charm of cats, our design team embarked on creating captivating mascot illustrations. In addition to the bespoke illustrations, we further amplified the cosmo theme by creating a custom icon pack, ensuring a consistent and delightful visual experience throughout the website.

Icons pack.

Home Page: Enhancing
User Engagement

To enhance user engagement and create a wow effect, we implemented full-screen custom illustrations across the website. This immersive design choice transported visitors into a cosmic realm, where they could build trust in BeanMachine’s professionalism and capabilities through the captivating journey of cosmo cats.

Service Pages: Showcasing Expertise
Through Visual Storytelling Techniques

To showcase BeanMachine’s services effectively, we employed visual storytelling techniques. Each cosmic illustration symbolized a different aspect of their expertise, providing visitors with an engaging and relatable experience. This approach allowed us to communicate the value of their services in a unique and memorable way.

User Experience Details: Contact & Thank You Pages

Our meticulous attention to detail extends to simple yet crucial pages like Contact Us and Thank You. The efficient and user-friendly contact process features a unique mascot, a cosmic courier, forging personalized connections with clients. The Thank You page was thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the website’s atmosphere, reflecting our commitment to exceptional customer experiences. By blending creative expertise, we brought BeanMachine’s visions to life in a cosmic journey that intrigues and engages visitors.

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